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Cambodia - One-2-One Charitable Trust

 The One-2-One Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization that seeks to meet the holistic needs of vulnerable groups in Cambodia, including orphans and street children, people with HIV, and prisoners. It has a range of dental, medical, educational, vocational and sports programmes which are delivered irrespective of ethnicity, gender or religion.

One-2-One has been operating in Cambodia since September 2008.  Its first project was providing emergency dental treatment in the prisons around Phnom Penh. One-2-One was incorporated as a Charitable Trust in New Zealand in September 2009. Since then the organisation has continued to expand its work and in August 2010 it was registered as a local NGO with the Cambodian Ministry of Interior.

The Trust is committed to work collaboratively with others to: grow the effectiveness of local volunteers and non-governmental organisations; promote healthy living and a sustainable environment; and provide educational sponsorships and training to talented young Cambodians.

One-2-One Cambodia partners with a number of Cambodian organisations including: Khmer Association for Development (KAD), Prison Fellowship Cambodia (PFC), New Hope for Orphans, Care for Cambodia, Happy Tree, and The Cambodian Children’s Charity - CamKids. As well as international organisation such as Dentaid and GCDFund.

Our existing programs reach approximately 15,000 men, women and children in Cambodia each year. 

One-2-One has 56 full and part time staff. Many of the staff are our sponsored students who are mentored as they study.

One-2-One’s current projects include:

Provision of Oral Health Care to Poor Communities in Ta Kmao district: The project provides basic dental services to orphans and disadvantaged adults and children in the community. To date, several thousand dental patients including women, men, and children have received dental treatment at this One-2-One / KAD dental clinic.

Provision of dental and general health services for prisoners in Cambodia: Since 2008 we have worked with our partner NGO the Khmer Association for Development (KAD) to provide basic dental and medical treatment for both male and female prisoners at all 24 prisons in Cambodia. To date, over 5000 prisoners have received care through the One-2-One service. One-2-One visits one of the four Phnom Penh prisons each Saturday with a team of 40 volunteers. In addition, one-week visits to a provincial prison are conducted 6 times each year.

Basic Dental Service for orphans and children from the slums in and around Phnom Penh, Cambodia: In cooperation with International University and CamKids, we have helped more than 50 orphanages and NGOs bring orphans and vulnerable children and adolescents (including disabled and HIV+ children) for dental treatment

Basic Medical Service for Orphans and Deprived Children in Phnom Penh and the Provinces of Cambodia: This is an adjunct to the mobile dental service, with volunteers providing basic health care for those most in need. In addition, One-2-One holds weekly clinics in four separate slum locations in Phnom Penh.•         Cambodia Sports Angel Project: This project promotes health and well-being among orphans and poor children through physical activity. A pilot project involving 3 orphanages and 150 children with twice-weekly training in aerobic exercise started in 2009. Some were chosen for additional training and this year competed at the National Gymnastic and Aerobic Championships in May winning 43 medals.

Cambodia Guardian Angel Project: This project provides student sponsorship. In Cambodia, the potential of many of the most talented and gifted young people is lost in the hopelessness of poverty and the daily struggle for survival. CGAP is committed to pairing worthy students, who show the promise of ability and character, with financial sponsors who will help the students’ academic and vocational dreams to become reality. With regular monitoring, CGAP ensures that students are supported throughout their studies, and have a chance at a better life for themselves, their families, their communities and ultimately their country.

Cambodia Livelihood Angel Project: This project aims to empower poor people to rise above their circumstances and create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. We seek to find, develop and offer pathways to enable better earning opportunities through micro-enterprising.

One-2-One welcomes opportunities to develop strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations and individuals, and has established strong and effective working relationships in Australia, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Scotland, Singapore, Taiwan, UK, and USA. 

Email: info@one2oneworld.org

Web: http://one2oneworld.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/One-2-One-CAMBODIA-198747546866936/